Hyacinth with two men.

This pic should have gone with this post from eons ago.  I just came across it last night and realized it’s by far one of my favorites ever.

That's Troy's hand on the left, Ryan's on the right.

This is for part of Wanton Wednesdays, but the internet cafe I’m at won’t let me access her site, so I’ll have to link back later.  Fucking people and their delicate sensibilities…


Hyacinth bends over.

Give it to me.

I love the freedom of not facing my partner, of being able to be as secretly expressive as I want. It releases me.

Hyacinth wakes up horny.


Nothing sexier than early morning light. I hope The Neighbor appreciates my appreciation. I sent him a couple of these just now for his morning wank.

Like a good neighbor, Hyacinth is there.

Hyacinth crossdresses.

Nice flap.
It took two pairs to achieve this.

I was folding laundry last night and came across The Neighbor’s skivvies. Naturally, I had to try them on.

I was also folding socks, so then I had to do my best impression of him in them.

He thought I was pretty hot.

Hyacinth’s first sext ever.

It was chilly.

This was one of the very first pics I ever sent to anyone. I was still married and it was with someone I had “permission” to interact with in this way. I remember thinking that my nipples were askew, but then I also thought I looked deliciously asymmetrical; sexy and lopsided. Turns out, though, in real life, I’m fairly close to even.

Hyacinth wears jeans.


This is one of a series. Jason was the lucky recipient. I like the bright afternoon light, my curves, and the implied slide of my jeans over my hips. I believe that sexy isn’t always nude.

WW – Hyacinth has an offering.

I scheduled this post before I realized it was Blackout day.  Please go here to read more about SOPA and PIPA.  Sign the petition and pass it on.  Enjoy my boobs later.

I had a lover for a while who had the most beautiful dark skin.  Like coffee-bean brown, warm and supple, ridged with muscles.  I loved to see the contrast of my paleness against his shadows as he moved across my skin like an explorer.  This pic reminds me of my trysts with him.

Hyacinth pulls up her skirt.

A quick pit stop in my mother’s bathroom

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon at my mother’s and a lover (I can’t even remember who) challenged me to show him my ass. I can never turn down a challenge…

Hyacinth wears a robe.



I didn’t mean for this to come out like this. I’d woken up, jerked off to my vibe a few times and passed a mirror on my way to the kitchen. I thought I looked beautiful (a rarity) and took a pic with my Hipstamatic app. It was a random setting, this b&w business. I fucking love this shot. So lucky…

Hyacinth wears socks

It can get chilly out there. Also, ignore the mess.

Ok, so HNT is no more in a week, but thank the interwebs for Lilly’s Wanton Wednesdays!  I can still have a viable excuse to post half-naked pics of myself!  Woohoo.  Which also means I’ll be double posting salacious photos this week.